Nursing and Midwifery are essential part of the health service delivery system in which health promotion, disease prevention; curative and rehabilitative health strategies are applied. Registered Nurses and Midwives play a vital role in providing, leading and coordinating care that are compassionate, evidence‐based, and person-centred. The clinical nursing and midwifery skills for Nurses and Midwives are of paramount importance not only to provide comprehensive care but also to enhance clinical competencies. The ability to think critically and provide evidence‐based care is at the heart of the role of the nurse and the midwife in the 21st century:...

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The purpose of these Procedure Manuals is to equip Nurses and Midwives with basic clinical skills, which will enable them to discharge their responsibilities as well as to develop uniformity in the discharge of their professional duties. The manuals draw together up‐to‐date procedures and practices, providing an essential resource of current knowledge against which nurses and midwives can critically analyze the judgements they exercise in a variety of clinical settings in a consistent format which is in compliance with the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, 2013 (Act 857).

Since the manuals were first published in 1996, they have gained a strong national reputation and are being used by Nurses and Midwives across the country, ensuring that their practice are both evidence-based and effective. As such, and with the ever‐increasing availability of clinical information to all those with vested interests in healthcare, the regular updating of these manuals are of greater significance.

These Nursing and Midwifery Procedure Manuals contain very useful information on procedures on:

  1. General Nursing
  2. Midwifery
  3. Community Psychiatric Nursing
  4. Mental Health Nursing
  5. Public Health Nursing
  6. Paediatric Nursing
  7. Pain Management

One huge strength of these manuals have been that they have benefited from contributions from nursing and midwifery practitioners who are both experts and active in clinical practice and teaching. There are additional valuable contributions from other Expert Reviewers. The rationales underpinning the procedures are drawn from a breadth of resources. As would be expected, these include research findings, national and professional guidelines, and policy, Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act 2013 (Act 857), International Council of Nurses, International Confederation of Midwives and others.

Keeping an up-to-date nursing and midwifery procedure manuals also involve embracing new technologies, and as such, the manuals' online version has been available on the N&MC Mobile App and website for ease of reference and also to increase accessibility.


Foremost, the Council is grateful to God for the guidance to develop these revised Nursing Midwifery Procedure Manuals.

The Council recognizes the immense contributions of the under listed persons for their tireless efforts and valuable contributions towards the development of the first edition of these manuals:

  1. Mrs. Ruth Gyang - Registrar/Chief Executive, Nurses and Midwives Council for Ghana
  2. Miss Veronica Darko - Deputy Registrar, Nurses and Midwives Council for Ghana
  3. Miss Beatrice Kumako - Supervisory Authority (Psychiatry), Nurses and Midwives Council for Ghana
  4. Mrs. Eva Mensah - Supervisory Authority (Gen) Nurses and Midwives for Ghana
  5. Mrs. Felicia Dagadu - Supervisory Authority (Public Health) Nurses and Midwives Council for Ghana
  6. Mrs. Margaret Nkrumah - PNO, Ed. N.T.C. Kumasi
  7. Mrs. Mary Avorsey - SNO, Gen. Paed. Unit Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
  8. Mr. Said Al Hussein - PNO, I/C Ankaful N.T.C Cape Coast
  9. Miss Fanny D. Hayfron - SNO, Gen. Med/Surg., Cape Coast Hospital
  10. Miss Hanna Hagan - SNO, Gen. Med/Surg. Cape Coast Hospital
  11. Miss Victoria Anador - SNO, Gen. Sekondi Hospital
  12. Lt. Col. Gladys Okwanin - N.T.C., Military Hospital
  13. Lt Col. Theresa Ofori Akuffo - Military Hospita
  14. Rev. Sister Donna Webber - PNO, Nkawkaw N.T.C.
  15. Mrs. Felicia Mensah - SNO, Surgical, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  16. Miss Felicia Banor - SNO Surgical, Korle Bu-Teaching Hospital
  17. Mrs. Emily Kotey - SNO, Medical Unit, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  18. Mrs. Hectorina Yebuah - SNO, Gen. Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  19. Miss Edith Ntow - SNO, Ed. N.T.C Ho
  20. Mrs. Bertha Afenya - SNO, Gen. Ho Hospital
  21. Miss Christiana Fianko - PNO, Ed. N.T.C Koforidua
  22. Miss Esther Akuffo - PNO, Ed. N.T.C. Sekondi
  23. Miss Dorothy Lomo Tetteh - SNO, Ed. N.T.C Kole-Bu
  24. Mrs. Gloria Tetteh - SNO, Ed. N.T.C Korle-Bu
  25. Mrs. Maria Gbadamosi - SNO, Ed. N.T.C. Korle-Bu
  26. Mrs. Esther Hammond - SNO, Medical Block, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  27. Mrs. Doris Agyeman-Odei - PNO, Child Health, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  28. Miss Adelaide Amofah - SNO, PH, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital
  29. Mrs. Ethel Lartey - SNO, Mental Health, Accra sychiatric Hospital

The Council also extends its gratitude to all persons who contributed to the review of these manuals. Their tireless and meticulous revision of the manuals is highly commendable.

Worthy of mention is the strategic and transformational leadership role exhibited by the Registrar, Mr. Felix Nyante towards the review of these manuals which are now digitized within the framework of the 4th Industrial revolution (4IR)

The following persons are duly acknowledged for the respective roles they played in the review of these manuals.

  1. Prof. Lydia Aziato - Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Ghana, Legon
  2. Philomina A.N. Woolley - Deputy Registrar (Operations), N&MC, Accra
  3. Agnes Oppong-Baah - Deputy Director (Operations), N&MC, Accra
  4. Victoria Lamina - Deputy Director (Operations), N&MC, Accra
  5. Priscilla Arthur-Baiden - Deputy Director (Operations), N&MC, Accra
  6. Grace Dankwah - Deputy Director (Operations), N&MC, Accra
  7. Dr. Evelyn Asamoah Ampofo - Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Cape-Coast, Cape Coast
  8. Dr. Gladys Dzansi - Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Ghana, Legon
  9. Patience Abla Nsatimba - Deputy Director of Nursing Services Pantang Hospital, Accra
  10. Brenda Naa Ahiable - Deputy Chief Health Tutor, Public Health Nurses’ School, Korle-Bu
  11. Rosemary S. Ayebi-Arthur - Deputy Chief Health Tutor, College of Community Health Nursing, Winneba
  12. Juliana Adu Danso - Deputy Chief Health Tutor, Nursing andMidwifery Training College, Korle-Bu
  13. Dr. Mary Ani-Amponsah - Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Ghana, Legon
  14. Dr. Oboshie Anim-Boamah - Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Ghana, Legon
  15. Kennedy Dodam Konlan Esq. - Assistant Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Ghana, Legon
  16. Joyce B.P. Pwavra - Assistant Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Ghana, Legon
  17. Emma Annan - Assistant Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Ghana, Legon
  18. Sawdah Esaka Aryee - Lecturer, Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives
  19. Miriam Bilson - Principal Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  20. Florence Animwaa Darko - Principal Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  21. Capt. Diana Bosomtwe-Duker - Principal Health Tutor, NMTC-37 Military Hospital, Accra
  22. Mercy Nelly Boadu - Principal Nursing Officer, Ga West Municipal Hospital, Amasaman, Accra
  23. Alimatu Seidu Hillia - Principal Nursing Officer, 37 Military Hospital, Accra
  24. Charlotte Asante - Principal Nursing Officer, Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Accra
  25. Charity Asantewaa Acheampong - Principal Nursing Officer, Princess Marie Louise Hospital, Accra
  26. Annie F. Oddoye - Senior Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  27. Priscilla Kesewa Zigah - Senior Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  28. Nana Boateng Agyeman - Senior Public Relations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  29. Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kadiri - Senior Health Tutor, NTC-Ankaful
  30. Philomena Konadu - Senior Health Tutor, NTC, Ankaful
  31. Joycelyn Owusu-Ansah - Neonatal Specialist Nurse, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  32. Yaa Serwah Amaning - Paediatric Nurse Specialist, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  33. Gloria Kadi - Senior Nursing Officer, Princess Marie Louise Hospital, Accra
  34. Cindy Tetteh-Ocloo - Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  35. Patsy Ago Adams - Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  36. Elizabeth Owusu-Akyaw - Administrative Officer, N&MC, Accra
  37. Rexford Obeng Siaw - Administrative Officer, N&MC, Accra
  38. Jalil Yussif Haruna - Administrative Officer, N&MC, Accra
  39. Mercy Obiri - Administrative Officer, N&MC, Accra
  40. Helena Baaba Botchway - Assistant Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  41. Philemon Aning-Antoh - Assistant Operations Officer, N&MC, Accra
  42. Emmanuel Febiri - Assistant Operations Officer, N&MC,Accra
  43. Grace Adjeley Annum - Assistant Administrative Officer, N&MC, Accra
  44. Perpetual Wise Amekah - Assistant Administrative Officer, N&MC, Accra
  45. Joel Tettey Josiah - Principal Administrative Assistant, N&MC, Accra
  46. Portia Serwaah Antwi - NABCO Staff, N&MC, Accra
  47. Susana Afena Yeboah - NABCO Staff, N&MC, Accra

Furthermore, the Council is grateful to the Directors of Nursing and Midwifery Services who took time out of their busy schedules to validate the work done by the Reviewers:

  1. Dr. Barnabas Kwame Yeboah - Head, Nursing and Midwifery Services, MoH-HQ, Accra
  2. Eva Mensah - Director Nursing & Midwifery Services, GHS, Accra
  3. Col. Rex Kudjoe Adzagba - Director Nursing & MidwiferyServices, Ghana Armed Forces Medical Services, Burma Camp, Accra
  4. Chief Supt. Juliana Agyeiwaa Dartey - Director Nursing & Midwifery Services, Police Hospital, Accra
  5. Judith Asiamah - Director Nursing & MidwiferyServices, UGMC, Accra
  6. Rita Aryee - Director Nursing & Midwifery Services, KBTH, Accra
  7. Georgina Afua Sam - Director Nursing & Midwifery Services, KATH, Kumasi
  8. Evelyn-Eda Dangnikuu - Director Nursing & MidwiferyServices, TTH, Tamale
  9. Sophia Blankson - Director Nursing & MidwiferyServices, CCTH, Cape Coast
  10. Innocentia Ruby Gborgblorvor - Director Nursing & Midwifery Services, HTH, Ho
  11. Rebecca Agyare Asante - Nurse Manager, Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Accra
  12. Agnes Agudu - Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Accra
  13. Lena Anane-Abebrese - Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Pantang Hospital, Accra
  14. Bismark Tufuor - Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, Ankaful

Finally, the Council is grateful to the team of MIS staff of the Council who developed the ICT architecture to host these procedure manuals:

  1. Osei Agyei Duodu - Principal IT Officer
  2. Dennis Ekow Addai - Senior IT Officer
  3. Philip Dushie - Senior IT Officer
  4. Lloyd Michael Dela Anane - IT Officer
  5. Frederick Kwasi Osei - IT Officer
  6. Frank Opoku Agyemang Amoah - Assistant IT Officer

October/November 2021